Hosting a Mini Me Show is easy and fun for both you and your guests. Make it a “Girls Night Out” or have a “Couple’s Show”. Pick a date,invite your friends, neighbors, and relatives then plan to have couple hours of fun, with literally US DOING THE REST!

Hosting a Mini Me Show

All Shows will be held at our beautiful new Mini Me Studio.

The Studio is set up to comfortable seat 20 guests, with a maximum 26.

Our goal is to make your show a fun and enjoyable evening for both you and your guests. Plenty of refreshments to include WINE, BEER, SODA, COFFEE OR TEA alone with some great HORS D’ OEURES.

As a gift from you (the host/hostess) each one of your guests will be scanned and given a 3D image of themselves, then sent to their email just for attending.

Just to make your show a fun night we’ll be performing some magic, telling a few jokes and amaze your guests with a couple card tricks.

Your guests should be at our studio the night of your show no later than 6:58 pm and the show time starts at 7:15 pm.




Host/Hostess Credits are as follows;

  • 25% of sales issued in credits, (per show sales are encouraged.)  Show will be held open for 10 day to allow your guests to get in, and get the perfect personalized scan(s) for them, then get their order(s) placed.

  • $25.00 paid to host/hostess for each show booking. The $25.00 per booking will be paid after the show(s) have been held and has qualified.

    Show Qualifications;

    1. A minimum of four (4) guest must attend show.

    2. At least one order must be placed.

  • $50.00 credit will be given for six (6) to nine guest attending.

  • $80.00 credit will be given for ten (10) or more guest attending

(Guest count is based on actual potential customer. Example: Husband and wife or mother and daughter under 18 will count as one (1) guest.)

Mini Me 

2200 W. War Memorial Dr.

Peoria, IL. 61613


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Studio Hours

Tuesday - Saturday  12:00 PM to 7:00 PM 

     Sunday           12:00 PM to 7:00 PM