Set an appointment to be scanned, and we will be most happy to show you the complete process. We will scan you, and within 10 to 20 minutes we will have created your complete in color 3D image for your viewing. We'll then send the 3D image to your email, as a gift from us.

Yes, it's FREE



We have 3 Mini's;

3" , 4", and 5" starting at $69.00

Mini Me

Our full figured Mini Me's range from 6" tall to 9" tall and can be created as a single person or 2, 3, or 4 person figurine.

We do have the ability to create a life-like figurine from a 2D picture or when it's possible it's even better when we can have the person or people to come into our studio and get scanned in our 3D scanning booth. Pricing for a full figure figurine starts at $159.00

2D to 3D (from your picture)

We are very excited to add to the Mini Me line, 2D to 3D, which simply means you can now bring us your picture and we're able to create a 360 degree Mini Me sizes range from 6" to 9" and price starts at $249.00


Our Crystals are created from a 2D picture, we then turn your 2D picture into a 3D image and laser the image into the Crystal.

Pricing starts with the keychain at $29.00 and the Crystal Blocks start at $74.00

For complete pricing of your particular needs just call for an appointment (309)-455-4500